Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Day


I told Cora I wanted to create something today, rather than bust our butts cleaning again.  I was thinking of a building a model, or drawing, or maybe putting siding on the shed (though I did not state these things with her, I assumed she would sew or something and leave me to my own devices).  How wrong I was.  She suggested that I repaint some of the “creations” I have made in the past.  I agreed.  I know when I have a losing hand, no use fighting it.

As it turned out, it wasn’t bad at all.  We ran to town, since I was missing a few colors and some of my paint has seen better days.  Then we bought a few more items for Chloe at Target (we are registered there, to, if you’re interested).  Who knew a little girl could cost so much?  She isn’t even here yet and I am scratching my head at all the things that are necessary to have babies!

Anyway, here are two of the paintings I finished today.  I might tweek them a bit later, but I think they are ok for now.



Cora got out her baby carrier thingy…it originally came with a DVD…com’on, it’s a strappy baby carrier thingy, how difficult could it be?  Well, apparently, it is very complicated because after a few minutes it had Cora scurrying for Google in hopes of figuring out how to escape its grasp.  I did not know she knew the words she used at the videos on-line that were not quite what she was looking for.  Finally, after some more digging around in the kid’s room, she found the DVD and by golly, she got un-tied!  Then she practiced putting the cat in the thingy…good thing he is so mellow.


Here she is packing Chloe’s bag…can you believe one little person is gonna need all that stuff?


All-in-all, it was a most excellent weekend!  I am married to a most wonderful lady.  Lucky, I am!


Cora said...

And it still we have yet to buy formula, eek... I am gonna lose my mind!

Lorrene said...

For starters, I am beyond impressed with the paintings. Absolutely awesome!!!
Cora does a lot better with the packing than I would. Hang in there you almose have it made.

Kelly said...

This is getting SO exciting for us... um, I mean you. :)

ccd said...

Umm... Am I the only one concerned about the duct tape???? This IS chloe's bag, right?

Getting closer you guys, tick-tock.. Can't wait to see you guys in China (pics).