Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Dog Tired Morning

This is Toby a few nights ago.  He was VERY tired.  Which reflects how we feel this morning.  Tired.

I will be teaching PE today and tomorrow...that's kind of a joke, since me and PE have never been good pals.

We await our change of country from the USCIS...the sooner we get that the sooner we can get moving!  Let's all hope it comes today!


Cora said...

Toby looks the way I feel today.

Lorrene said...

Don't freak out. It has to be this week for sure.

My word verification is feakinat.
It's pretty close to what I said.

SpunkyBookworm said...

I remember practicing CPR w/ you, Jim C and Nina Tsay in PE. We kept singing Eddie are you okay, and replacing Eddie w/ Annie! I think I've mentioned that before, but everytime I need to redo CPR/First Aid, I remember that. :D

Praying for you guys.