Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Increasing Clarity

Cora and I have been waiting to adopt for a very long time.  When we entered into this we were young and excited.  Now, we are four years out from our origin, and we are tired and more mature.  After the extended pain of Burundi and the first whirlwind moments of our search for Chloe, we are finding ourselves waiting…AGAIN.  It’s wearing us out.  Sometimes that tired, worn-out look shows.  Cora was packing Chloe’s suitcase this weekend.  My wife even looks beautiful when she’s feeling exhausted.  We ARE getting closer, but sometimes Chloe just feels so far away.
I can prove we are getting closer, though.  Someone just got her daughter.  Lisa at “Long Road to China” just brought Reagan home.  Which is why I am participating in her Black and White Wednesday.

the long road

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SpunkyBookworm said...

That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Cora DOES look beautiful, but that look of hope in her eyes makes that pic even more beautiful.