Monday, April 12, 2010

Always Thinking

I believe nearly everyone who reads this blog is aware of my other blog.  The airplane blog (I just refer to it as that to keep the confusion down)  is ostensibly to promote interest in local history.  I write mainly on things that happened in or are in some way related to Washington State.  Sometimes I write on other military subjects, for instance the grounding of a Cruiser near Pearl Harbor, Hawaii a year or so ago.  Still, I try to return to Washington State and the Cold War.

I honestly did not think anyone would look at it without me inviting them.  Imagine my surprise when I finally began tracking it with Google Analytics and discovered just how many people go to my sight.  It isn't exactly a high end site, I'll admit that.  It does cater to a very small percentage of the population.  Still, the numbers indicate that several people visit each day.  Many because Blogger sends them there.  A few, more than I expect, come directly to my blog!  They have it bookmarked or they follow it.  often, though, they search for something and Google brings them to me.

It is the Google searches that bring the best, though.  I have corresponded with more interesting people thanks to that.  For instance there was the gentleman that wrote about his experience as a boy when he accompanied his family to recover an abandoned Army Helicopter.  There have been others, though, that really make me happy.  The ones who are searching for loved ones or friends.  They want to know about what their dads and brothers and uncles did.  I do my best to send them to the right place and give them as much information as I can.  THAT is the unforeseen result of my blog that makes me happy.  Helping others, while doing something I enjoy.

The thing is I was making fun of a teacher for thinking about buying teacher materials while she was on her vacation...then it dawned on me.  Uhh, yeah, I am always thinking about history.  Oops.

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