Monday, April 19, 2010

Poor Me

Why is it that sleepless nights don't happen on the weekend where the following morning can be spent relaxing and napping?  No, of course, sleepless nights exist only on work nights.  I awoke at sometime around 2:30am.  I got up, had a drink of water and tried to return to slumber.  NO LUCK.  I tossed and turned.  So I got up and sat looking at the computer trying to decide how best to bore myself to sleep.  Cora joined me at some point and we had a glass of milk.  I thought this might help and returned hopefully to bed.  Still no sleep.  I read a book.  no luck.  I watched Firefly.  Still not tired.  I finally found my eyelids becoming heavy around 5AM.  I tried going back to bed.  So, I basically lay quietly for an hour, but may have slept for eight or ten minutes.  I am up to stay now.  Drinking coffee and preparing for the day.

This afternoon, I get to return to the dentist and hope they are more gentle with me this time.  My teeth are still sensitive from last time.

We had a pretty good day yesterday.  We worked in the gardens and made some progress with the house.  We might add some flowers and some bricks and make a decent looking dwelling after all.  Best of all, though, I got to spend the day with my incredibly beautiful wife and her new haircut!  Skip on over to her site and have a look at her new do!

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Cora said...

I hope you get more sleep tonight. We have a busy week ahead and you need to be awake.
Love ya.