Friday, April 30, 2010

Being Original

I think our coloring books have done well.  I think it has something to do with the fact that no one else has thought to make coloring books to help with their adoptions, though some have asked for our secrets...and if you really want to know the secret?  Here it is for all to see:  Get yourself a JIM and CORA.  I am proud of the way we work together.  We both do our parts, though, often, she does more.  Let's just say, I enjoy a little relaxation.

I finished the Dragon coloring book last night.  Which is, sadly, another book NOT specifically aimed at girls.  Sorry, girls, I am a boy.  Always have been.  I like drawing dragons and dinosaurs and tanks and airplanes...always have.

I DO try to get a little out of my box and draw girl things, but that requires a little more effort on my part.  When you are drawing things in between classes, easy comes out more often.  So, here's the thing.  I AM working on a few girl targeted coloring books.  I have drawn a couple butterflies and dragon flies and princesses.  I AM working on the story that Cora wrote.  It's taking some time, but I noticed when I put my focus on one thing, it happens much more quickly!!  It's been over a month since I finished a new coloring book. I HAVE been working on them, just I had been doing one dinosaur, one dragon and then working on a part of the story and then a flower or something.

Now, my main focus is to draw for the story.  And I am fond of this story.  It is coming along.  I have 7 panels done...that is, pages.  I may have to re-work a few when it comes to putting text in, but they are coming along.  I guess the problem of creating characters that are reproducible and then reproducing them is one of the main issues.  Another is visualizing dynamic scenes and then putting them on paper using the reproducible characters and then making them look like the characters on the previous pages...I have been recycling a lot of paper for this.

When we are done, I think it will be something to be proud of.

Another thing I am particularly proud of is my other website.  I know I have mentioned this before.  I like having people email me to ask me questions.  I really like it when I have a little something to offer back.  It is rewarding to see that my little site fulfills a little place that no one else's does here in Washington State.  I am REALLY looking forward to my coming visit to the Yakima Training Center!!  I may actually get to walk around at one of those sites!  The other is apparently on one of the main impact areas, so, no walking, but I'll be able to look down upon the area where it hit.

Some have suggested I write a book from it.  I don't know about that.  Maybe eventually.  I know that others have worked on the same subject and probably have more information and a few more years research on it than I do.  For the moment, I am happy to live my life and write my other blog for fun.  Once it gets serious, it will not be fun.

Same goes for life.  When you get too serious, the fun trickles away.  What's the use of living life if it isn't fun and interesting?  And let's face it, if it's interesting, it's probably a little fun.

This weekend promises to be interesting.  We have a wedding to go to!  Cora's cousin is getting hitched.  Who is this guy?  I am sure I will be able to find out this weekend.  Of course the REALLY interesting part is the museum she is having it in!!  A WEDDING in a MUSEUM!  It's genius!!


Cora said...

have you ever been to the Southern Oracle? No you work scientifically, maybe not for long. Love you and the new book is great even if not what I want

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

What a great team!