Friday, April 23, 2010

Movies For Plans!

As a substitute teacher, I enjoy those days when the teacher leaves a movie.  Today was such a day.

Why do I like it?  Because this is my job:  Take role, explain that if people are talking I will send them to the office, then I push play, turn out lights, say "SHHHHHHHH" with a raised eyebrow and surprised look (As though surprised they dare talk after my warning seconds before), return to desk and do whatever the hell I want, then push stop and turn lights on.  Repeat as necessary.

In that capacity, I drew several pictures for the new coloring books.  I drew some dragons.  I also drew some girlie things. It is so difficult for me to determine what a girlie drawing is!  And, of course, everyone asks for "princesses."  Do you know how hard princesses are to draw?  I don't do well drawing people.  Sure, yes, in a pinch I can draw people, but damn, it's SOOO much easier drawing fish.

I enjoyed the day, though.  When it was over, I came home and delivered the That's My Pan order.  I got home just a short time before Cora.  I also sold a coloring a parent of one of my students.  She was in the classroom I was in yesterday.  I showed her the books and she said her son had been talking about them for quite some time.  Apparently all those free color sheets might be working out!

Our clown fish babies hatched yesterday, sometime before we awoke.  I am sure they are gone, but maybe in a few months one will creep out of the rock work and we'll have a baby!  Fish.  That is the most likely baby we will ever have, at this rate.

I need some wine.

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