Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays Party

OK, my family has always celebrated birthdays.  It's the way they do things.  Cora and I don't always have a party to celebrate...especially since we seemed destined to remain childless.  However, certain nieces and nephews seem to believe that even grown ups need to have a birthday party.  To placate my niece and nephews, we hosted a get together.  We had a bit of dinner and some snacks and cake.

We also played Wii.  I COULD post dome really embarrassing video of my mom doing hoola hoop dance thing, but I doubt strongly she'd keep me in the will...or on her Christmas list, so I won't.  Instead, I will post a couple photos taken tonight during our get together.

Below are the backs of some heads focused on the TV.  We played Wii.  Everyone seemed to enjoy taking part.  Others enjoyed watching.  Either way, everyone seemed to have fun!
 Everyone had to read a story it seems.  However, Cora was quick enough to get a photo of me reading.  Below you can see my rapt audience.  Yeah, they are pretty much the cutest audience ever.  I enjoyed it.
It was a good day!


Grandma L said...

That is a cute picture,but it would be even cuter if Aiden was in it. Next year for sure.

Cora said...

it was a fun day but I think my shoulders and arms are paying today from that rowing competition :0)