Sunday, April 4, 2010

It Started With Sunshine...

Dinner was in the oven.  Cora was exploring the internet with the Wii (don't ask me why, because she has a Laptop and a phone that gets the internet).  I had just finished drawing a dinosaur for one of our next coloring books.  The sun began to shine.  It was fairly mild outside.  I looked at the dogs.  They looked restless (I am sure Cora will tell you they were laying down sleeping or something).  I said something like, "Wanna go up on the hill and let the dogs run?"  but, what I really meant was, "Hey, let's get some family time out in the good old outdoors!"  Cora replied with something like, "Do I have a choice?"  Which really meant, "OH, YEE-ESSS! I love creating memories and getting out and hiking and letting the dogs run FREEEE!!"

After a little bit of driving on questionable roads...well, Cora was white knuckling it...we made it (O.K., I need new shocks and it might have felt a little more frightening than it was, O.K. I was clenching, a little too).  The weather had changed just a little:  The sun had gone.  
Still, Cora enjoyed herself!  We decided to get a family portrait...and realized Toby was staying out of the picture...
So, I held him up and Gypsy hid...figures!
The wind was blowing, but Gypsy was hot.  I like this picture.

And the camera never fires at the exact moment you need it to, still it's a dynamic photo...
Cora might as well be searching for Toby, who would run off in one direction and return from another after descending out of view.  We were on top of the hill and he would inevitably turn up from a direction we did not expect.  I doubt he ever stopped the whole time, except to mark every other sage brush and bunch grass he could find.

I enjoyed it and I think Cora did, too.

Spring is, without a doubt, here.  Below is a balsam root.  A plant the Native Americans used to travel to harvest each year.  Now they are simply a pretty spring flower.

Have I mentioned I love Macro?
Toby and Gypsy investigating a suspected Gopher Park.
Happy Easter All!  I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!  Ham is about ready, potatoes are boiling and broccoli is almost done!  Bring on the full tummy!!


SpunkyBookworm said...

Happy Easter Jim and Cora! You made me laugh tonight with your blog. Thanks for reading my goofy ponderings. I'm very happy to know you as a grown-up. You have done well!!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Excellent photos!