Monday, April 26, 2010

Where I describe JUST how super I am

We could not take pictures of the Hanford Site, but we took a picture before we got out of the car!  See the sparkle in her eyes?  She can't believe I went to such extreme measures to be sure she could experience Hanford!!

We worked around the house this weekend.  We planted some flowers and created a low rock wall.  It started with a short trip into town.

Cora and I decided our front gardens needed just a little more.  So, a few weeks ago I took out the red scalloped bricks we've had for several years.  So, then we had nothing.  Then, last weekend, Cora took it upon herself to make the gardens square and befriend the neighbor kids.  We knew we wanted some new stonework to border the gardens.  I did NOT know how stones seem to gain mass as you work with them.  You can see evidence below.

So, we went to the local garden center.  We bought a half ton of stone.  Which was my duty as husband to load onto the cart.  Then I had to load it into the truck...then off the truck into a wheelbarrow.  Then I had to make sure the ground was level for each stone...of course it was never right the first time.  So, I had to move the stone a few times.

We were JUST going to have a single layer...but I HAD to try out a second layer to see what it looked like.  What a dumbass.  Because, when Cora saw it, she said, "WOW, What a great idea, oh, wonderful husband of mine!  We simply MUST have more bricks!  Thank goodness I married you!"  or words to that effect.  Give or take.  Sort of...

So, off to the store I went and I got another sixteen tons of stones.

I began unloading them.  Thirty-two tons later, I had them out of the truck.

Then I took them out of the wheelbarrow.  All sixty-four tons.

At one hundred twenty-eight tons, I laid the last one to rest.

Cora, during this time might have planted a some plants, and then, because she still had lots of energy, she planted some pansies for the neighbor kid.  As I dragged myself to the door hoping a taste of cold beer, she said, "I think that one's need to raise that one up or lower the other."  So, I fell back to work with a hammer and chipped some stones and re-stacked some rocks.  Finally, it was done.  And you can see what the result was!  

Two hundred fifty-six tons of stones later, I sat, a ragged shadow of the man I had begun the day as.  Another day older and a deeper in debt...

And Cora loved me forever and ever and ever!  All because I created a wall for her.  Several hundred tons of wall.  And she still calls me "Oh, great and wonderful husband whom I do not deserve, yet miraculously wake up next to every spectacular morning!  Being married to you is like the gift that keeps on giving!!"

She's right, of course, I AM wonderful.


Cora said...

Oh wow, how can you remember such perfect quotes? Maybe you could continue to be a totally awesome and super husband and hold my hair while I throw up.

love you.

ccd said...

LOL! You guys are a.. a .. hmmm well funny-weird perhaps. Pretty wall and flowers. You will enjoy the beauty your hard work for weeks to come. It was worth it =)

Grandma L said...

I hope you didn't have to pay for those stones by the pound.

They really do look great.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said... are both full of sarcasm!!