Saturday, April 24, 2010

Different View

I have found that despite the fact that Cora and I are often within arm's reach of each other, we often remember different aspects of places we go.

I, for instance, remembered and related the items (I call them FACTS, though, Cora may disagree) I saw and explained things to the best of my ability (with an interest in brevity, although, Cora may disagree) in my post on the Hanford Tour.

Cora, on the other hand, remembers a bewildering number of things I either forgot, or discounted as not being interesting.  I may have been mistaken.  Cora's account of our tour is very entertaining and well worth a read!  In fact, I suspect the majority of you will find her take on the tour much more to your liking than my own, rather tedious, account.

I hope you will have a look at her site!  She writes very well, and her sense of the absurd is without equal.  Even when she takes aim at me, it is generally well deserved.


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Grandma L said...

I think I liked Cora's version of the tour the best.