Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I enjoy birds.  When I am sitting in the back yard during the summer, I enjoy looking up from my book to see birds tittering over the seed I have placed on the fence for them.  I especially like the house finches and the gold finches because they are so colorful.  Those little gold finches are the prettiest little guys around.  Feeding them is a simple way to gain a little entertainment.

To that end, we have purchased bird feeders before.  I think, however, the one I like best is the re-purposed coffee creamer container.  I took it and an empty water bottle and modified them just a smidge.  The empty water bottle is the hopper and the creamer container is the magic area where the food collects.  All it took was a little wire and a knife.  And the best thing is, the birds love it.  I filled it on Sunday and it is now empty.  I like it when a plan comes together.
I had to paint it, because that was the ONLY way Cora would let me keep it.  Can you believe she thought leaving it the original color was tacky??

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Cora said...

It is still tacky but that is what you call COMPROMISE I hear that is what marriage is all about.
Love ya