Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photo Phun

If you have a camera and an industrial plant available to you, I highly recommend taking a few pictures.  I took a little while this morning and touched up a few photos I took the other day.  I approched each one a little differently.

Below, I liked the green from the fluorescent lights and so I used that and enhanced the greens to get what you see below.

I also tried a little gem that I'd never noticed before...see how it warped the photo above?
And sometimes black and white, with an appropriate amount of contrast, is just the right thing.
Same here.  Except, I need to remember to bring a tripod next time.
The next one is just a part of the original photo.  I think I modified it enough to give it a Sci-Fi feel.
I always like to add contrast.  I like these.  I think they would make a good set.
Last night, we had my family over and had a great time with them and playing Wii.  The new game we have offered a lot of options for group play!  It was a lot of fun!  See Cora's site for some pictures!  Or, look at colormehome to see the kids coloring some of the potential dragons.


Grandma L said...

Your pictures are impressive. I had no idea the juice had to go through such an elaborate processing. No wonder it taste so good.

Cora said...

wow those turned out good you need to email them to me at work and I will show the boss woman tomorrow.