Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have been a long time fan of Star Trek.  I do not dress up as Spock or a Klingon or anything like that, though, long ago, I thought a Borg costume would be a helluva way to celebrate Halloween, and still have that sitting in the back of my head.  I have put away several semi-functioning optical mice for that option.  I intend to use their small lights and circuit boards for my Borg suit...ok, maybe, just maybe, I have put a little thought into this.

The point is, our DVR is set to record Star Trek Voyager and Next Generation.  Of the two, Voyager is my favorite.  Sometimes, and there appears to be no pattern, SPIKE TV runs a Voyager episode.  The rest of the time, we have to make do with Next Generation.

You see, my wife is a Star Trek fan too.  She watches it with me.  She is ALSO a nerd.  Further proof that we work together well.

So, tonight, when I looked at the DVR, I saw "Voyager" had been recorded last night around midnight.  I was pleased!

I taught SPED today.  It wasn't bad.  I have taught these kids several times over the past few years.  The best thing about it is the people I work with.  The Para-Pros are the best.  These ladies are the real thing.  They make me look good.  I am just there for the ride.  I enjoy it, since they are the nicest people around!  I am not even trying to brown-nose them.  They just are THAT NICE!

So, it was a great day because of my co-workers...and Star Trek: Voyager!

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