Monday, April 5, 2010

O.K. Then.

Do you ever have days that start out pretty O.K., but the closer they get to the end of the day the crappier they get?  Yeah, me too.

Today was kinda one of those days.  Well, sort of.  

I was up late last night looking for a job.  I was hoping against hope that I might procure a sub job.  Usually on the day back from a break there are not very many jobs that come up.  So, I was not terribly optimistic.  Still, I was up late, just to make sure.  I also got up early this morning with the hope of obtaining the unlikely job.  While I waited, three jobs came up for tomorrow, the sixth.  

I took the first one, but Cora reminded me that I can't take a job for tomorrow because we have a nine o'clock appointment to go in to USCIS to have our finger prints taken for the immigration documents for the adoption.  I could take a job in the afternoon, but the likelihood of one coming up and me actually being able to take it are remote. 

I did a lot today.  I went to town looking for a few items.  I managed to get a few.  I got the oil changed.  I got an item at Target, and then some stuff at Costco.  Between all that I bought a pair of gloves and stopped at the county court house.  Why did I stop at the court house you ask?  

Well, I think I mentioned that I have found mention of a bombing range near Zillah, Washington (A town about fifteen miles distant).  As many of the wrecks I'd like to investigate are MUCH further away, this potential historical treasure has potential for me to investigate at my leisure rather than making plans ahead of time.  

My previous experiences at the court house have been negative.  Of course, much of it comes from my parents paying property taxes and an appearance for a ticket that I had to pay years ago, so who knew that when I walked in and asked about information on something so strange that they would be so helpful?  The first lady (records) helped me boot up a Microfiche reader and find what I needed.  Only, I quickly discovered I did not have enough information to help me find what I was looking for.  She suggested I go down the hall to where they keep the maps (assessor).  The lady I found there was most helpful, until we discovered some of the land is still under Bureau of Land Management and she had no information on it.    Still, I now know how easy it is and how friendly they are, so I won't hesitate to go back...also, I did not have to go through a strip search, that's probably a good thing.

It was at the court house that I saw something I had to share with'll need to scroll down to see it, but first, read on.

I then got Cora a coffee and saw her for a little while.  She always puts a smile on my face.  After I left her I came home and began work on the house, although I made little visible progress.  I remembered I had a dentist appointment.  

And here is where the afternoon went to hell.   I decided I had time to do a water change for the fish tank.  So, I did.  I also cleaned out the filter.  While I was doing that, I found that the florescent light has made the plastic broke.  I should be able to fix it, but, for now, we are relying on the little pump inside the tank for water movement.  

I also needed to get the dog licenses.  According to the letter we were late.  That means they assess a 5 dollar charge on the five dollar fee.  For two dogs that is 20 dollars( I did the math for you slow people out there, you probably know who you are, but if you don't, send me an e-mail and I will tell you).  I made out the check and left the checkbook at home.  The clerk said, "that's too much."  Much as I hated to, I told her, "Well, we're late and the late fee is $5, 4X5 is 20, here you go."  She said, they are not charging the late fee.  She can't give me change for the check.  "Do you have any cash?"  No.  Damn it!  I didn't have cash.  And I didn't have time to go back to the house.  With my luck they'll charge me a late fee tomorrow when I walk in with a ten dollar check.  

When I got to the dentist, they invited me in and gave me a shot.  I immediately got very jittery and shaky.  I mentioned that, since that has never happened before.  They said it may be because it had epinephrine in it.  The dentist began his drilling and we all found that the numbing solution had not done its job.  They gave me more.  Now I am having trouble speaking without sounding impaired.

Well, I am O.K., but I will probably be dining on something liquid.  

I was looking our photos over when we got home yesterday and I found that in one of the photos, there was a honey bee on the flower that I had not noticed!  Have a look!  Cool, huh?

As mentioned above, I found something in the court house parking lot that I thought you needed to see.  Below you see a picture of a vehicle with "THE CLUB."  You know, that late night infomercial thing guaranteed to keep people from stealing your car!
Now, you might expect this to be in a very styling vehicle.  Something with panache.  Perhaps a sports car or something expensive and new, maybe a Hummer?  Nope.  What you see equipped with "The Club" is... 
(by my best estimation) a 1983 or 1984 Ford Escort.  Powder BLUE.  Surely that Chrysler PT Cruiser is more deserving of "THE CLUB" than that Escort!  Ah, the irony.  I should also point out that this is IN the employee parking area of the Court House, which is pretty much surrounded by video cameras.  Also, I saw a few on duty officers while I was there, I am sure the place is pretty much crawling with cops.  Why would a thief steal that?  Gotta love it!

Hopefully our appointment with the federal government goes well tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

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Grandma L said...

You must be blessed with high energy. You accomplished a lot.
I am most impressed with the bee on the flower.