Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Imagine A World...

As the Twilight Zone plays on TV, I am thinking over the past year. To date I have subbed in MANY classrooms. I have become a popular sub among the teachers and the students. I have difficulty walking in town without being recognized and hailed.

I have seen many historic artifacts and none compare, to me, to the USS Arizona's anchor which I saw in Phoenix in March. Back in March, I also got to visit the biggest air museum on the West Coast. PIMA AIR MUSEUM rocked!

It was also great meeting the friends we had established in AZ via the internet. Kim, John, nd the rest of the Bisons were great! Our trip to Arizona was a great change of scenery. We loved every moment, even those spent with Drifter.

I began blogging in the early days of March. I have since made 349 blogs...this should be number 350. I have enjoyed meeting SO many new people, and even now, connecting with old friends. Hello, Erin and Dana! I have become a blog drivin' man.

I have braved tractors and mowers, which have done their best to break me. At times, they were close. I even survived a mower that lost a wheel! I survived some dumb people. I also enjoyed my job. This has been, all in all, a pretty good year. I like to think it is just a warm up the the big 2009.

I have seen many airplanes during my life, but several during my visit to McChord AFB in July were cool, never-the-less.

We have been working on an adoption since April, 2007. We had a chance in June, but that was ripped callously away. Then we opened an account with Burundi...still, we wonder when a baby will come. Seriously, 2008 was not good for babies.

This fall has seen me sub more than ever. I ended the year with subbing for the maintenance department, organizing blueprints. Overall, I think 2008, while good, could have been much better and filled with children.

I hope 2009 has better prospects for us! I can't wait to have little ones!

So, I hope that you, dear friend, have a happy and safe New Years Eve! I hope you all have a good view!

Happy 2009!!!!


Grandma said...

welcome to the New Year!!!
I love that animated award you received.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy New Year..
2009 will bring you BB..
I know it..
Can't wait to see HIM...
Have a Great 2009 I will be here to follow...

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Happy New Year!!

blissfully caffeinated said...

I have difficulty walking through town without getting hailed and recognized also. But probably for different reasons. ;)

Wishing you and the missus a wonderful New Year. Keep up hope on the baby front. One way or another your babies will come to you.

Cora said...

Happy New Year Babe! I have great hopes for 2009. It better not let me down or I am going to give it hell come December 31.
So far it has been good.

Love ya.

Anonymous said...
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