Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo Tag

So, I was sitting here, minding my own business and my wife tagged me with this photo tag thingy...the rules, probably pretty standard by now: Link the person who tagged you and, here's the important part, go to your photos, go to the fourth file folder, then select the fourth picture.

I think you guys lucked out, because you could have been looking at airplane parts in disrepair or even Toby's bum (See Cora's site). Here it is, Four of Four (Sounds like a Borg from Star Trek, doesn't it?). This is Cora in front of an Me-109(Yellow nose) and a Spitfire (Blue and red roundel..oh, they are airplanes by the way) at Seattle's Boeing Museum of Flight. We visited it with my Family in Spring of 2006.

Because that one was slightly out of focus and because I have not posted airplane pictures for awhile, and I am fond of my own pictures of airplanes and Cora, here are a couple others from that trip which ARE IN FOCUS. Cora and the Concord...(sounds like a singing group, doesn't it?)

And this is the German Messerschmidt Me-109 that was in the background of the first, huh?

Now, I am supposed to tag some others, however...well, they have better blogs than I and so I am reluctant to tag them...but, TAG I WILL! (And I like their blogs, so hopefull they can consider it a sincere form of flattery) Here goes:

Lisa (from amotherlode)

Jen (from Blissfully Caffeinated)

I hope you ladies don't mind (I was out of options [and even if you do mind, I tried, right?]).

(And maybe it will help you on a slow blog day)

Do you think I used too many parethesis in this post? (I think I did.)


E said...

Finally something about an airplane! I was so waiting for that. :)

Cora said...

Hey it was an easy one nad kinda fun. Hope you have a good day.

Lisa Cairney said...

Thank YOU, JIM. Because I AM having a slow blog day. A slow BLOG MONTH. I'm all out of funny. So I will gladly participate! Thanks for thinking of me, and hey! You do not give yourself enough credit, Jim. Just ask Cora.

blissfully caffeinated said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get this done sometime over the weekend.