Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I Never Thought Much About Dying..."

Those are the words (or some semblance) that "Bella" says at the beginning of the movie. I think I may need to give up a few man cards, because, gentle reader, I kinda, sorta, in between all the mushy teenage angst and long lingering glances...ok, they were stares, liked it. Yes, I took Cora to see Twilight, or Twinge, or Vamp Fever...or whatever it's called. I won't get into it, but, it was acceptable for an evening at the movies. Oh, and I HAVE to say, Alice is...well, the character they chose was HOT! (She's the second from the left)

I worked maintenance today. I continued cleaning a corner of the shop. Seriously, it was just a corner. You may recall Twinky from this summer? He was given the simple job of straightening up the corner of the shop I worked on today, back in September. When I began this job, last week, there was a large stack of boxes and other odd things (a large neat stack, admittedly) sitting in the general vicinity of the corner and..., a little room I like to call a storage closet. His large neat pile was blocking the door to this (we will refer to it as a) storage closet, in which the walls were lined with (we will call them) shelves...empty shelves. I merely emptied the boxes nd placed their contents on the shelves. I also put up a set of shelves in the corner, more places for boxes! I am not a genius, but apparently I see things differently than Twinky.

Oh, and Cora seemed to enjoy the movie, too...I think she even lived through me rolling my eyes a few times...She also seemed to indicate that the guys in the movie were somewhat...well, let's just say, not ugly.

I can't recall, did I mention that Alice from the movie was quite attractive? It's only fair, she was staring at man candy all over the screen...


Cora said...

Thanks again for taking me I had a great time and your eye rolling was only slightly audible.

Grandma said...

I agree, Alice Cullen is beautiful.