Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suicide is Painless...

Or so the theme song to the movie M*A*S*H* said.

"Suicide; it's an option." So said Sally to a fairly annoying guy at a bar in Coupling, my favorite BBC series.

The Japanese tried to bill it as a divine wind in WWII, and, coupled with Bushido, it seemed a formidable weapon. I don't know how those men felt in the last few moments.

A guy I went to school with did it. I never liked him much, but he was mean to me, so I feel justified. He did it over a rough break-up with a girl. I don't know if it helped him...I suspect not.

So, I really have no idea what went through the brain, miniscule as it may have been, of our six-line wrasse (We named him Six after the Blossom character, also we were out of trully good names and that seemed fitting) as he revved up his little swimming muscles and leapt for the outside world.

Out of the tank.

Free of the life giving water...

out into the cold, cold air and...

onto the somewhat needle and fur covered carpet, which was doubtlessly strarved for moisture and quickly sucked it out of him.

I don't know what flitted through his brain in his last few seconds, maybe it was "Water, must have water..." or "Air, too much air..." Or maybe it was just a simple, "Ah, shit."

Whatever it was we need a new fish.




Cora said...

Ewwwwwe gross! Did you really need to post a picture? I guess a new fish is on the Christmas list now.

E said...

Are you talking about Steve? I think that was his name. The one that shot himself in the head? I worked with his Mom at Safeway.

Oh and the fish looks cooked. Are you sure you were not experimenting?