Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plane Crazy Tails

I like airplanes, but I don't fly. Of course, I would love to fly, I simply have not had the time, ambition, nor the money to obtain a pilot's license. Hell, I named this blog "Plane Truth," intimating that there might be some planes on it coupled with small amounts of non-fiction. Seems I have managed the non-fiction quite well, since anyone who has wandered onto this blog has had to come to the conclusion that I live a MOST BORING existence. Yeah, sorry about this mad whirlwind carnival ride I call a life...I know, "stop, let me get off and puke, it is such a crazy life!"

So, back to airplanes. I don't post as much about airplanes as I thought I would. I thought this might be an informative blog about airplanes and it has ended up being more personal. That leads me to the subject of this post. I don't post much about airplanes. I post more about my daily life than anything and so Plane Truth is a misnomer. So, here it is: Should I change the name of my blog? I figure a natural break is coming up with the New Year. If I am going to change the name I feel January 1, 2009 is probably the best time to do it.
Which leads to another question. What should the name be? Take a look at my posts. Think about a clever name...clever is good, and so is originality. I was thinking something like "Charmingly Hopeless," or "Hopelessly Charming." But, then, "Gorgeous and Handsome" comes to mind, or "Brilliantly Brainy." Perhaps, "Hopeless Wise-Ass." I don't know why the word hopeless keps coming up. Maybe "Big-Head Jim," or "Extremely Huge Ego," or "Another Broken Keyboard." Actually, I kinda like that last one. I don't know if there will be a prize for the winner...probably a small gift certificate or something, assuming I don't choose my own. Or maybe I will leave it up to a vote...hmmm, decisions, decisions.
Oh, and I really like "Earth Bound Misfit," but it's taken...dang it.
I was wandering through my photos, something I often do, since the view from my chair is often Gypsy's butt, and I saw a few I thought I might share. Here is photo we took this last weekend that I did not post. I like it, mostly becuse Cora is so pretty.

And when I was going to school in Chico, California, I sometimes found myself at the airport. They have a place called Aero Union there. Those guys take old military and transport planes and make them into fire bombers. Airplanes capable of delivering large amounts of fire retardant to forrest fires all over the country, though California's seem to always make the news fact, has there ever been a forrest fire on the East Coast? If so, I have never seen one publicized...weird. Now, I am going to have to pay attention.
Anyway, I digress. I took several photos of their work there...of course, not nearly enough. Here is one that I like. It is of two ex-P-3 Orion Navy Patrol Planes. In the center is an old P-2V, the P-3's predecessor. The old P2V was a pretty nifty airplane and shortly after it became operational they were making over-flights of the Soviet Union...something not often noted in history texts, since such missions were top secret until the past decade or so. Both were built by Lockheed. In fact the P-3 continues to serve, and I believe they continue to build newer examples. This is the type of plane that was held in China after a Cinese fighter collided with it during its electronic snooping mission.
The P2V still retains radial engines...think of your car engine, but with the cylinders surrounding the crankshaft in a circle. The P-3s have Turboprops, which re miniature jet engines that spin the propellors...more power and thrust than the older engines.
Well, I suppose tht is some Plane Truth tonight...hmmm, maybe I oughta keep it...still, give me your opinion!
If you are wondering about the periods in space, stupid blogger kept taking the spaces out from between my paragraphs.


Captain Dumbass said...

You'd fit in well around here. We spend a lot of time out at the end of the main runway at Vancouver International. My 5 yr old has decided he is going to be a pilot. This summer we took him to the Flight Museum in Seattle. He was in a coma for several days afterwards.

I grew up in the interior of BC where there's a lot of fires. We lived near the airport so there was no question when it was fire season. Those engines will shake your teeth loose.

Why am I writing an entire post in your comment section?

Cora said...

You still talk about planes to much and ships and other much too boring stuff :0).
I am undecided about spots umm I mean your blog title.
love ya

Lisa Cairney said...

Hey, Jim! I was trying to leave a comment before but was having trouble with my pop-up window or something...mostly just wanted to say hey and sorry it's so cold there...that's a bummer...and I wish I had a good idea for naming your blog....i liked earth bound misfit too...maybe you can call it Gravity Bites. But that just sounds so bitter! :) Hope you and Cora are keeping warm, warm, warm and there is more teaching and less maintenance in your future!