Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Great Hunt

Cora and I got up and began getting ready for our adventure. We had discussed this last weekend. We decided to get a wild Christmas tree. A Quarry not easily bagged. The Wild Christmas Tree roams the lower sides of the Cascades and often shows up in the most unexpected places.

We are a picky couple, so we always pass up quarry that is not quite right. For us, the perfect Wild Christmas Tree is like looking for an 8 point buck, and waiting, with your finger on the trigger, as SO many trees walk by (Did I say trees walk? Maybe I was up in the woods too long.) is difficult.

We took the dogs. First thing off, the dogs were in super-speed mode. Here you can see Toby on one of his many low-altitude flybys.

The Scenery was beautiful!

Cora took several of me...I like picturesof her better, though.

Isn't she pretty? Seems to glow!

The pool she is looking at was probably 8 or 10 feet deep...and crystal clear. It was beautiful, but neither of us wanted to test the water temp.

Cora's Dad wanted us to buy a mushroom identifcation book at the ranger station...wish they'd been open, because I'd like to know what these are. Cool picture, huh?

I am not sure how she did it, but she got the kids to stand still for a picture.

Here she is with a leash on...think it's her color?

Every time I turned around she had the camera on me today...weird to have the tables turned.

She got a little excited when I edged close to this rivine...

She would not let me get the truck closer for the was ONLY 4 feet deep.

I tried to lock her out for that, but she is showing me she has her own key here.
I like this picture of Gypsy, she looks other worldly...or maybe just like a coyote...I like the lighting.

Toby got locked in the truck for a moment as we investigated a spot we had forgotten to look at.
Here is a shot of both of us...

When we got closer to the end of the day, the dogs seemed more and more ready to sit quietly in the is a picture that attempts show the utter exhastion they were exuding.
Oh, and you would probably like to see our is the beast. We finally bagged one!
Oh, and it is NOT the one with the shoes.


Cora said...

I had so much fun! I hope next year we have a little one to chase after the dogs. and maybe just a little snow?

Love ya

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the pictures..
Looks like A LOT of Fun..
I hope to do this next year..
It has to be hard to find the right one though..
Can't wait to see THE tree decorated..

Margaret Miracle said...

Love the pictures and the adventure! There are some great pics of you and Cora and the tree of course. Happy decorating!

Grandma said...

I'll bet that felt good to just get away and breath the brisk fresh air.