Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gifts, Please, and Keep 'Em Coming!

So Christmas with the FAMILY! Here are some photos which I will let do the talking for me.

Here is a niece and nephew with their grandpa...or Papa

This is Emma with Grandma.

My newest nephew! David! Isn't he the cutest? Tell me you wouldn't just hug this kid as hard as you could?

Emma models the outfit Cora picked out for her. I think she is destined for Vogue...
Eli, looking like having a picture taken is maybe not on his top ten list of things to do on Christmas Eve...
Emma discovering one of her presents.
Eli and his Thomas the Train!
Grandparents and Grandkids...
Dad helping his kids...
Mom and Daughter discussing the attributes of this gift.
Me, to prove I was there.
Cora was, too.
David again, he is the cutest!

It was great! I got some great gifts, but most of all I spent time with family! I enjoyed it! I hope you get some good time with your family, too! That's what the holiday is for asfar s I am concerned! Family!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

How FUN..
Love the pictures..
Merry Christmas..
Have a WONDERFUL Day..

Cora said...

It was a great time. I love spending time with Family it is my favorite part of the holiday.
Great pictures!
Thanks for making this Christmas so special.
Love ya.

Peta-maree said...

Merry Christmas.

It looks like you both had a great day.

I hope that 2009 brings you your children

Anonymous said...

Those were some great pics of my Grandkids, thanks for posting them. However, you could have left the photo of
my face off your site. We had a great time also, and loved having you kids down to share the holiday with!

Grandma said...

Red hair kind of runs in both famlies I would say. Great pictures.