Thursday, December 4, 2008

It Threatens To Inflate My Head

What is it that threatens to inflate my head so? Why, only the instructions for my sub job this morning. And what did they say that might have swelled my head? "I forgot to mention that I threatened the kids to make sure that they were good but they were so excited that it was you coming that I don't think that I needed to even do that!" yeah, not bad, but I know the kids like me...what really swelled my head? Ok, here is the part I love: "I have teachers trying to bribe me to let you sub in their rooms this week! I am glad I got you first!!!!"

Now, if only they would bribe me to sub for them. Anyway, I got a kick out of it.

This morning I got up with Cora. I started the coffee and then got the crock pot out. I opened a can of broth and began making a turkey soup. I had cut the vegatables last night. When I got home, it was exceptionally yummy, when I put the last few touches on it it was even better. I decided not to put noodles in it since there was already so much in it.

Well, I have The Pink Panther on TV and I think I will try to watch it...I could use a bit of Peter Sellers' humor...someone to learn from. But, maybe I don't need him, since I am such a popular sub!


E said...

Are you going to have trouble getting through doorways tonight with your head being so swollen?

Cora said...

Glad they like you. Maybe they will hire you full time?

Grandma said...

That sounds like quite an endorsement. Good for You!!!

blissfully caffeinated said...

What? That's awesome. I've told you that I'm the worst substitute teacher ever, right? So, I'm quite jealous of your highly coveted subbing abilities.