Thursday, April 10, 2008

Super Guppy, Kim, and Softball Fields!

I just got a great comment from Kim! She is wonderful. Her whole family is great! I just thought I should post before she asks why I have not posted for 24 hours…I did that to her…yes, I am ornery. You should see her blog if you have not already, she got a new cup that is really cool.

Now, I shall commence discussing my day…damn, this keyboard seems to be off and to the right. I keep seeing different letterd than I type gp up pn the screem…see??? Amazing isn’t it?

I did not teach today, instead it was maintenance for me. I initially though I would be painting the break room, but first I was enlisted by my father-in-law to help him mark a softball field…I thought, that should take about 2 minutes. Boy, was I mistaken…ok, wrong. We had to “drag” the field first, which smoothed out the lumps, bumps, and mounds. Then I had to use the Polaris to “Roll” the field. This pushed the rocks, which were obvious to me and my Father-in-law, but apparently invisible to the coach, into the dirt. I will not go into the difficulties invoked by coaches and groundskeepers…too much pain. Then we had to measure said fields. Home plate is 25 feet from the end of the field…then 60 feet to each base, but at a particular angle. Then find the third base…that is…hmmm, how shall I put this? …a bitch. I walked back and forth with the measuring tape ten times if I did it once! Then there was the digging, which may not have been so bad, except for the fact that I had decided to play tag with the kids yesterday…believe me, I regret that now! Especially, since it hurts to move, breathe, and… type. I got enlisted…volunteered…told… to dig the holes for the base anchors. Apparently I was to dig into concrete…or kaliche. a hard, calciferous layer here in the desert. It was rough on me…I did survive. Barely. There is a reason I became a teacher…most of it deals with my dislike of physical activity. Yet, here I am on days off from teaching…working. Physically. It took us most of the day to mark and place the anchors of the two fields…when, you may ask, was the game? Today at 230pm. Yep, we pushed it to within 10 minutes, but we did it. My father-in-law was having a lark at my discomfort…I have never, ever, made a lark of him…well, maybe once…twice? OK, we are even…I really enjoy working with him, even though I work considerably harder with him. The wind came up and it blew dust into me…yuck. The coaches seem to think the yard men are there to do their bidding…go figure.

I got a call from Cora shortly before quitting time, asking me to replenish our wine rack. I did, even though I was dusty and dirty and sweaty. I do anything for the wonderful wife…nah, I mean it, she’s wonderful. Of course, if I did not say that she would hit me. Yes, I am a battered husband. She is so tough.
I came home for lunch only to find Gypsy had escaped again...bitch...really, female dog and all...I finally found her long after my lunch was over...stupid dog.

Well, I teach tomorrow…really, teach? Maybe I should just say entertain…
This is the Super Guppy, originally built on the YC-97J, it added several feet to the fuselage and it had a cargo hold 25 feet in diameter. if you look closely at the landing gear, the main gear farthest to the left, note the pair of legs...that is Cora. look Closer...

It was created to shuttle Saturn Missle parts from California to Florida...the Saturn Missle was the rocket that propelled the Apollo moon missions out of the atmosphere.

Big, huh?

Note, it has turboprops...this was one of the earliest aircraft to test turboprops, basically jet engines powering propellors. Awesome, huh? BIG, too!

Cora thought it was HUGE! I agree. this aircraft is related to the B-29, which dropped the bombs on Japan. It then became the B-50, which was a significant improvement in engines and strength. then the C-97 became a good cargo hauler, then it became the KC-97, which was a huge refueling aircraft...then this! WOW!


Cora said...

WOW that is a big plane!! I would have only hit you a little and I think you enjoy the wine as much as me. Good luck with the kidos tomorrow.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

That is a HUGE plane...
I didn't see anyone drinking any wine at dinner.... I would have liked to taste some...I can never find any I like..LOL..
Sounds like the trip to the airplanes was GREAT...
Have a Great Weekend..
Thanks for all the great words..