Thursday, August 14, 2008

Angelic Alfredo

OK, why hasn't anyone ever told me how easy it is to make Alfredo Sauce? That's not fair! I would have been eating the stuff with everything if I knew how easy it is to make.

Alright, let me explain. Cora wanted me to make the main part of our dinner out of the spinach we bought lst week for "salad." (we did not use it for salad...we both forgot it was there) All I could think of that might be decent was to use alfredo sauce and pasta and chicken. I looked through the cupboards, but found no jars of alfredo sauce. Oh, I was so disappointed. I finally gave in and looked at a cook book for ideas.

I found it. All you need to do is saute garlic in butter, then add flower (about 1 tblsp), mix it in, then add a cup of milk, stirring the whole time. After that, you add asiago or parmesan cheese...I used both. It called for a quarter cup of either. I don't necessarily measure. I kept stirring until it was smooth. Then I took it off the heat and continued cooking the chicken. Then I stirred in the spinach and added the pasta and sauce...a little parmesan on top with a touch of black pepper and Mmmm-mmm good!

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Cora said...

It was very good, we should have taken a pic for the blog but it was to yummy to put down for the camera.