Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today, We Party

Well, not quite, but we do plan to relax and enjoy ourselves. Today it is supposed to reach 106 least. I think, since we have had an odd summer (usually hottest in the first week of August for us, but this year it has remained cool), we deserve to enjoy this little piece of it. We are going to go to my sister-in-law's house and swim in her pool and maybe have a BBQ. I plan on taking large Rib-eye steaks, anyway.

F-22 Raptor, a lean, mean, air pane killing machine.

Here are some photos, since a few of you (cough-cough-Cora, hack-cough-Kim-cough) prefer to look at pictures. Mabe you will enjoy these.
Real Pilots don't need a cockpit, and some ride side-saddle! This F-15, and E model in this instance, was on display at McChord. The E model was meant for ground attack...silly way to use a pure-bred fighter.
Of course there are the obligatory airplane photos...this blog is called Planetruth for a reason.

At least the US Army Air Corps knew how to paint their bombers! The paint schemes of the mid to late 1930s were often very colorful. This B-18A is at McChord AFB.

This A-5 Vigilante at PIMA, is an example of the fastest jet the Nvy ever employed. She was built at a bomber, but since the nuclear mission disppeared soon after they came into delivery, the Navy decidedto use them for recon! They did a great job, though they took severe losses in Vietnam...probably something to do wit flying into heavily defended areas in straight lines with no ability to fight back. Still, it looks fast, even on the ground.

Cora and I finished the "changing table." I still have to work on the giraffe knob, I am not happy with it facing the same direction as the monkey knob, so I will sand it off and reposition it. Coar was saying those hand painted knobs go for $15 each at some tht's crazy. I would sell mine for $50 or $60...just kidding, I don't know, I would probably sell them for less...more like $10...maybe if I got really good, I would lower the price...who knows. They are kind of fun to paint.

I think I want to leave a geocache for my darling parents, today as we drive by their city. The neat thing is it is basically a treasure hunt. You leave clues and coordinates and the fun part is writing clues. One of my clues last week was, "you will need your metal detector, what you seek is in mint condition." It was an Altoids container buried in the dirt. Look, Cora likes Geocaching!!

Here is a landscape from Arizona. I suppose my painting in the men's room does not compare, but, whether you like the weather and climate or not, you have to admit, Arizona has some awesome landscapes! Beautiful country. It pobably has something to do with growing up here, but, apart from the mountain vistas and the rolling hills and the wonderful ocean shores and that spectacular rainforest and the Columbia Gorge and the Yakima River Canyon...and most of the state, I don't like the way Washington looks. Hmmm...maybe I do like it a bit?!
This is Arizona and this is Washington State...if you look behind the air plane, you can see Mt. Rainier rising through the haze.

and here is what we drive around in, lots of hills:

this is the landscape closer to home...

and residents of Seattle see this:

And it isn't like Arizona has Ocean Front Property...though, I knew someone who wanted to sell me some a few years, probably worth a bunch, now. Does Arizona have pretty girls like this one?
And Arizona does not get THIS much snow...


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Well I love the pictures...
And sorry I can't afford your $50.00 knobs.. You are way to good for me...
Arizona has some GREAT , AMAZING, FUNNY, people...
Have a Great Time at sisters...

Cora said...

Great pictures!! (much more readable post, LOL)
Love ya.