Monday, August 25, 2008

Butte, Mt. Shopping

This post has nothing to do with Butte, Mt. Shopping, I am baiting Montanans, attempting to get one to come to my luck so far. Do they have internet connections in Montana? I know they have roads...

Cora and I finished the geocahce that my parents had laid. That one step was a doozy. The grass was taller than me and you needed an elephant to it was I had Cora calling "Marko" for me so I could figure out the best direction to get to would really just have to have seen the grass to believe it. The rest of the chase was fun and fairly simple...and there were no mosqitoes trying to kill us...At the end was a pound of coffee! Fun and rewarding!

We did the shopping. I stopped at the farmers market in town and picked up some vegis. When we got home, I made a batch of potato salad and a fresh batch of Salsa Verde. We eneded up having Tacos for dinner.

Cora worked on some sewing and I read a little and watched the last of the Olympics.

Today marks 16 months that we have been loggd in in China...only a few more years to go. Of course, more recently, we have joined the Burundi program that our agency has opened. Hopefully we will be parents sooner than later. The expectation is that we will be parents before Christmas...but, with time running out for us to have dossiers within a month (expected to have been the month of August) that may fall back a bit...but, we will eventually have kids!

The Teachers come back to school today..which is usually celebrated with a large breakfast that all employees of the school district attend. It is followed by lectures, insurance info, and other fun stuff...since I am a sub, I have never had to sit through them... I get to fix a tractor today. That large football playing loaf I was whining about last week burnt up a belt on the mower and failed to tell anyone...and he spelled mow's that for brain power? He must have an energy saving brain: low wattage.

Next week, School starts and my year as a Substitute begins again. Which means easier hours and less exhertion, even though some might argue that the most exhertion we go through is the effort we take to reach our coffee.

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