Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Good Morning! I have a feeling that I will get my computer back today!! The computer guy told me yesterday that my beloved computer had 200+ viruses on it...damned thing apparently was wandering around and not using protection. I look forward to getting it back...I will be able to post better from there...(my computer, while older, is better than Cora's).

I am thinking about making chili for dinner tonight. I figured out that you don't have to be a gas scientist from Nalley to make a decent bowl of chili...or is it chilli? Either way some beans and some meet and whatever other vegatables you decide to throw in makes for a good dish. I think I will add bacon, too... that's my favorite food group.
I will either mow today or do some other kind of hard, back-bending labor that in some countries might count as slavery. The only thing I think the French have right is that 35 hour work week I have heard about...I think that would be nice!

This is a picture from the weekend...pretty isn't she?


Cora said...

I hope you get your comuter back today, although mine is better!! Can't wait for your yummy chili.
love ya.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Better hurry up and get it back.. you are cutting down on Cora and I when we would like to
Love that picture...
Have some chili for me..