Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bicentennial Post

200. 2X100. 4X50. I have now posted 200 times. I have enjoyed this blogging thing. I don't necessarily know how many people read this blog, but I enjoy writing it for those who do. I also enjoy writing it for myself. I used to write in a journal when I was a teenager. I look back on it once in awhile and at times am astonished at my subject matter and sometimes amused. I think writing in a journalhelped me become a better writer. I am aware that I am not the best writer, but I know I am not a horrible writer, you guys can at least keep up with my train of thought...most of the time.

Today, I got up and made coffee and then proceeded to relax for awhile. Cora left for work nd I began cleaning house. Dogs. I think we should shave our dogs. Just for the simple fact that it requires so much work to clean up all that hair. I also took Cora a sandwich for lunch and then came back and used her computer (at her suggestion) to edit a video of our geocache from Sunday. I even put it on DVD with music and titles and everything! It is only about 7 minutes long, but I had fun and I need to practice for Africa and China. Now, I need to learn to upload to You-Tube. I also know I want to take more footage so I have more to choose from when I edit it. Now, I know why directors take so many takes.

Cora and I went to The Mummy was a good movie! I now want to watch the other two again. We ate at the theater. You know that healthy stuff they stock. I went with a polish sausage and she chose a hot dog. Add the bun and relish and you have most of the food groups, minus bacon.

I have an update and a minor excuse next. You know I took my computer in. My computer is now aged. I bought it in the fall of 2005. The computer guru at the shop said he was surprised at how well mine has held up. He then said that I was lucky with the Toshiba Satelite 25...the following models apparently were not as good. He also said that to expect more than two years out of a laptop was being optimistic...I thought they'd last longer than that...mine has. It is now 3 years old and apparently going long as I can keep clear of malware. On the down side, it has a few quirks.

My computer has all its keys; though, a couple are only held on by hope. Some of the keys no longer work. My computer has a function key, you press it and press one of the f keys and you can turn down the screen brightness, or the volume, or turn the mousepad on and off...or you could when it was new. Now, if my mouse dies, I have to borrow Cora's mouse to turn on my keypad. I mentioned that my Z key was no longer reliable, now, after this last visit to the shop, my A key is ALSO unreliable. There is a crack in the backside of the screen. The cord pulls out without notice and the battery has long since ceased to hold a charge. I might get three minutes out of the battery, I usually get the notice from the computer that I should plug it in AS the screen is fading! Yes, she is a wonder of the world, but I love my little Toshi!

So, 200 posts and I still don't have a hit from Montana or Nevada or West Virginia. So, I will leave you with some open attempts at search engine baiting: When I was a kid my parents volunteered with the city parade float. My Mom designed the float for three years in a row...and got numerous awards (yes, they give awards for floats). For two years we went to Butte, Montanna. Some company rented it for the city parade there. It was a neat experience. We got to go to the mining museum there. It was home to a large copper mine. Butte, Montana was not much different from here, though I saw a real hard rain there. It came down in sheets and then two minutes later it was done and the sun came out again...weird.

When we lived in California, we went to Reno, Nevada with my parents. All we had to do was drive about 2 hours across the Sierra Nevadas. We drove past Truckee, CA and then on to Reno. We had to gamble in a casino in Nevada, so we played slots. We went with 10 dollars and came back with 11! I say we came out head! I don't think you have patients for me to write about West Virginia, and, frankly, I am tired! I hope you all have a good night!

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Grandma said...

Different strokes for different folks. I also like to journal, and didn't discover that fact until a couple years ago. I think I do it because I have no one to talk to on a regular basis so I write it all in my journal. Sometimes I rant and sometimes I psychoanalyze myself. If anybody ever reads it they'll think I'm nuts for sure.
I enjoy your blog very much.