Monday, August 18, 2008

The Two Faces of Em's House!

Two times Two is Four, right?

Night and Day!

We had ALOT of fun this weekend. It was HOT. We got a crib...check out Cora's site for more info. And here is a picture of it in the store, isn't Cora cute? Do you think it's the right size for her?
We went back, after I got some sunglasses, and relaxed by the pool. I have a great Sister and Brother-in-law. They are always such gracious hosts!

Here are Cora and Emily illuminated by the pool light. Sorry for the long (hand-held) shutter speed.
I mowed early this morning, forsaking a full break. It was humid and we ended up getting rain and lightning. Even now, we are having a nice lightning storm! Cora jumps at the thunder...even though she knows it is that giant flash that would do the damage!

I made another alfredo dish. This time, I was out of pasta, so I chopped up a zuchini an onion and threw in the rest of the spinach! Yummm! Cora even said so, actually, I think her exact words were not words at first, more like, "Mmm-mmf, wow, what is this?" At first, I was worried it was bad...then I heard her say she liked it...ALOT.

I also made potato salad, but only had 1/4 of a pickle...I resorted to using pickled asparagus! I think it tasted pretty good. Cora put her fork in her mouth and made a most horrid face. I asked if she was ok, she said, "I thought that was a greenbean"...she was not expecting a piece of asparagus... "I may have forgotten to tell you, but I used pickled asparagus for lack of pickles," I said. She seemed to think I should have warned her.

This is Cora under the Cherry Tree!


Cora said...

Great pictures from a great weekend. I hope my computer stars behaving so I can start posting them too.

Grandma said...

That is the first picture of Ryan and Emily's house I have seen.
I have a simple question.
Is the house white during the day and green at night or did you paint while there. The crib sure looks great and that baby is one lucky little dude or chick. He/she will have a perfect room with all those nice things.
I can tell you guys really had fun.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

GREAT pictures..
Love the bed.. And I am ready to see it up and in the room.. and I would like pictures of BB and his Little sister's room..
Have a Great Week..

Grandma said...

A am assuming one of the dogs took that first picture.