Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Notable Notary Nemeses

I'm not noted for patience, Cora nevertheless notified me that I needed a notary. "NO!" I said. "Not now! You're not nice, and I never needed a nasty, nerdy notary before."

Ok, I am out of N words. She really did set me to finding a notary. It REALLY was not fun. Actually my search began yesterday. I finlly found notary that answered the phone. However, after Ihad told her the situation, she said, "Could you speak slower and enunciate?" So, I did. and finally, I was sure she had understood me, but I asked her to repeat what I had told her. She said, "What was your name? Tim?" Finally, she got it right. Then she told me, "I'll try to be on time..." That did not bolster my confidence in her.
This morning, I was thinking of telling her not to come, but though, maybe I should give her a chance and see if she still plns on coming. I called. She said, "What?" (none too clearly, either) I asked if this was the right place, said her name twice. Finally, she said, yes. I told her who I was, reminded her I had spoken to her yesterday, and asked was she still coming this afternoon? She said, "you need speak slower and enunciate." I thought, jeezwomanIthoughtIwasspeakingslowly!! I repeated what I had first said, including my name twice, ONE-WORD-AT-A-TIME. She said, What was your name? JIM!!! This made my decision complete. I said, "The appointment is cancelled." There was no guaranteeing she could find the place, anyway.

I spent an hour or so hunting down a notary. Each time, I hit a dead end. I finally did find a notary. She has also adopted and offered to do it for free. Unfortunately, she could not do it today. I called the psychologist and asked if we could do it tomorrow. He is leaving town tomorrow. So, he doesn't have an opening to sign our reports until next Friday. Isn't that about par for the course? So, yeah, not necessarilly fond of Notaries. Well, not any more than I like Psychologists.

I cleaned house today. My sister is planning to visit on Saturday. I was instructed to make the house ready for kids. I did. It looks good. Now, I am ready to see my neice and nephews!

I went for a walk and noticed the wind was blowing and it did not feel one little bit like felt like FALL. I should have known, the Hop Farmers have begun harvesting. Monday, the 25th, I saw the first truck full of hops and since then I have been getting little whiffs of hop. hhh, even though I hate autumn, I do like the smells that accompany it. Soon, we will be getting the smells of harvesting grapes, too. When I was growing up you could also get the scent of peppermint being harvested...not so much here, 30 miles away.

Here is a picture of me and Aunt Karen. She is Cora's crazy aunt...we still love her though. This picture was tken back in July. Because I had visited the airshow, her picture did not have it is now.


Grandma said...

Those little kids are so cute. They sure grow fast. That little girl is going to be a teen-ager before we know it.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

The kids are sooo cute..
Have a Wonderful weekend..
Glad you got the house cleaned..
Stop by tomorrow.. it is a BIG day at the Bison Family..

Cora said...

Can't wait to see the kids, I bet they have grown a mile!
Love that the notary adopted too that is so cool. I told you it was not easy to get a notary to travel, but we will get it done.

cARRIE said...

those kids are cute.. but hey I'm the mom. And yes they have grown a mile, those are last years pics on two and a few months on the other-- Jim, time to update them this weekend. Looking forward to coming up too. See you soon.

Laura said...

OOOOH you are in trouble!! My mother is going to shoot you for that picture... Bring your running shoes next weekend! LOL