Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dashed Hopes

Friday, I saw the principal at one of the elementaries. She asked me why I had not applied for the 1/2 time PE position. I told her because I was certified as a history teacher. She said that I might get the chance with the small pool of applicants. Last night, I worked to create a cover letter and update my resume.

This morning, I took it in. I saw the principal and she said she had heard about an applicant with actual PE experience. I thought, damn. Then I was back over at district office and a fit young man came in and asked to leave his application for the Elementary PE position. I thought, DAMN DAMN DAMN! I still have a chance, but, hey, let's not be too hopeful, since logic suggests that one of those guys is better qualified as a PE teacher. Nontheless, wish me luck, ok?

We did a managerie of moving heavy objects today. I have a sore back as a result. Oh, well.

Here is a nice picture of a radial engine...what say you?


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Hope you get the job..
Have a Great Evening..

Cora said...

Lovely picture!