Friday, September 9, 2011

Wil Wheaton Is Funny!

I have been a fan of Star Trek for a very long time.  I watched the Next Generation when it first came out, though not nearly as much, nor as closely, as my best friend.  Still, I watched all the movies repeatedly and the Next Generation, and Voyager, and Enterprise!  I even watched the original series when I could.  I was a fan.

I was NOT a big fan of Wil Wheaton, AKA Wesley Crusher.  Something about his attitude and his being so smart turned me off.  I mean, really, why should he be allowed on the bridge of the Enterprise!?!?  It wasn't fair. I didn't want to sound like a complete nerd, so I never told anyone but my best friend, and even then it was merely a hint of my dislike for the character.

I've seen him on a few other shows, since and he comes across as a jerk, though I am fairly certain that is intentional.  Still, I maintain my nerd status by keeping up with nerdy things when it's convenient.  Tonight, I was going through a blog, someone had attended a "Con" and I was enjoying the pictures, when she described a story Wil Wheaton had shared about William Shatner.  I was interested, and she shared the link to You Tube, so I followed it.  And then I spend fifteen to twenty minutes chuckling and laughing.  I enjoyed it, but it does contain some language that is not appropriate to any but adults, so if you're likely to be offended, don't bother watching it.  Whoever, if you like a good laugh...well, watch away!


Cora said...

you're outing our greekery stop it!

SpunkyBookworm said...

Wil Wheaton was SO DREAMY!!! I lived for the nerdy guy! I'm trying to figure out why I went for the bad boys in high school. Now I live all around geeks and can't even get a date!!!
Cora, didn't you know geeks are IN???