Thursday, September 22, 2011

On Location HDR

that lump on the horizon covered in clouds is Mt. Adams.  Those are apple and pear orchards in the foreground.
 I look forward to Fridays as a matter of fact, however, lately, I have been looking forward to The Pixel Dust Photo Art Fridays!  However, I fret and worry about which one is best, sometimes posting good ones ahead of time and then slapping myself in the forehead when Friday arrives.

Today, I left the school I was subbing at and took my time going home.  I took a few pictures along the way.  I took a lot of pictures, actually.  I also, sometimes, trespass.  Well, I didn't see any "no trespassing" signs today, but I had the feeling I was JUST missing them.  Still, I have an innocent face and a friendly, "Oops, DID I trespass?" way about me.  I've never been shot.  I figure that's something.

Anyway, how could anyone pick me out from all the cars out there because of the fruit pickers?  So, there was really no issue.  plus, the skies were perfect!!  Look at those awesome clouds!  Perfect!  Used to be I lived for blue skies, and around here, I was happy most of the time, but now I look at the day differently.  Clouds are MUCH more interesting in pictures!
 These are all HDR pictures today.  I took most of my shots this way today.  These are the three I did first, though, I think there might be better ones in there, but I was in a hurry, since we took Chloe to her gymnastics class and about half-way through the first photo I got sidetracked by this hilarious, if off-colored site called  it's totally hilarious if you need a laugh...but, I digress.  PIXEL DUST!  Bonnie at Pixel Dust hosts this awesome meme.

She is awesome.  If you want some really awesome textures, hop on over and click around her site!  Also, you should visit the other entrants for Photo Art Friday.  I don't necessarily follow her rules, though, since I can hardly ever decide which photo to post.  I hope she understands and doesn't mind!  
I keep taking pictures of this bridge, but only a few turn out...mostly, it's angles and background that screws them up.  I'll get it yet!

Photo Art Friday


Nadege, said...

Very dramatic images, especially the first one. I think I like that one the best.
Have you tried to place the bridge on the diagonal.

Marilyn said...

I love all those angles and backgrounds. The one you chose is definitely it. It's full of character and mystery.
Nice. I'm happy that you have the same thoughts about posting good ones before PAF. I do the same thing.

helena said...

beautiful dramatic, moody images

ShonEjai said...

Your first photo was very dramatic. The lighting was beautiful. I also love the complementary colors of the bridge photo. Well done.

Tricia said...

I always used to chase after blue skies, still do, but I'm also chasing the drama in clouds, now!

Awesome shots & processing... love the path down the middle of the 1st shot, like it's leading you down a dangerous path w/ the way that sky looks =0

happy weekend

Bonnie said...

Oh my - I love what you do with a camera! The way you have edited that first image it could be a poster or book cover for a mystery movie or novel. Soooo good.

AND - the picture of the bridge reflecting in the water - Fab-U-lous.

Thank you for your kind words and many links and especially for sharing your many talents with Photo Art Friday.

(Not to worry - creatives always break the rules. :)

Linda/patchwork said...

I'm glad you've never been shot.
Great photos. Very dramatic.

nina said...

Awesome, these turned out well!!

johanna said...

i love the effect in those skies... very dramatic!!

Pat said...

These are wonderful photos! I'm drawn back to the second one - I love the beautiful simplicity of the composition!
I like the Oatmeal too!

hannah said...

I particularly like the 'fence.jpg', for many reasons, including colour.
HDR always impresses me no end, as I vanen't a clue what it is, but it sounds difficult.

Ruth said...

The first two are my faves! I love that second one lots...I'm a fan of HDR. Had to smile about your waiting to post at the right time, I think about this too!

Ida said...

Stunning work. I love that first photo (may have actually been through there at some point). It does remind me of something very mysterious.

DebC said...

These are wonderful!
I'm especially drawn to the middle one; I recently visited Montana and this reminds me of my time there.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Excellent photographs and HDR treatment.

Regards and best wishes

urban muser said...

love your cloudy, dramatic skies. great shots.

Merike said...

Powerful dramatic shot. What the feelings! Nice.

Kathy said...

Well I think the bridge photo is great. I love the HDR You're definitely right about taking photos with clouds in the sky is so much more interesting and can be very dramatic...or edited to look that way. We don't get many clouds here in Las Vegas either, but I try to take photos when we do. Thanks for sharing.

Bright blessings,