Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekend Gone

 We went to the park on Saturday.  We fed the ducks and played on the equipment and walked and I took pictures...Cora did too.
 Did I ever mention?  I think Chloe is the cutest girl EVER!!
 You do, too, now, huh?
 I took a picture of the surroundings, the creek just meanders's beautiful.

 Oh, and did I mention I think Chloe is the cutest thing ever?
 I got this picture of a Horizen flight.  I thought the wings made it look like a prostitute.  (No visible means of support)  OK, old airplane joke.
And this door is cool...


Charissa said...

Fun pictures. Chloe and your wife are as cute as ever.

Lorrene said...

Do you think Cora's hair has a reddish tinge to it or is it just me?

SpunkyBookworm said...

You take the best pics.

Tricia said...

You stopped me dead in my tracks w/ the prostitute joke... I was like, HUH?!
Great photos & beautifully bright & colorful! =)

happy weekend