Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy Girl

 If you could see them all, you would be able to count 4 pairs of different bloomers, pants, coverings of different sorts.  Chloe has begun dressing herself.  In fact, the other day, she gave me the cold shoulder, literally turning away and ignoring me, when I offered to help her put on a pair of shorts!  The girl is becoming MISS INDEPENDENT!!  She cracks us up with her antics and attitude!
 She sometimes spends a moment in our laps these days...but sometimes about two minutes in time out, looking dejected of course!  (It's difficult to sit comfortably in four pairs of pants.)
 Today we went to Great Grandma A's house for some raspberries...I think she must have eaten a half-cup!  Still, she came home, grabbed the flag and began waving it around. This kid has the energy of 1000 suns!
 She bounces off things all day.  Walls, chairs, us, the ceiling, and the dog...seriously, the kid doesn't slow down until you tie her down!  even the dog is worn out by the end of the day!

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jade said...

And with this post I was just laughing all the way through, she is hilarious! I just love the layers and the way she can't really sit in time out!