Monday, September 26, 2011

TWO!! Blue!!! And Clues!

 Chloe's birthday party was a hit!  We had the party at Cora's parent's house, and boy are we would have been a tight fit here!  I'd like to thank them for letting us come over and celebrate Chloe's second birthday!!  It was great!

We got our cake from Cakes on the Vine, and it was delicious!  She is a family friend and has a definite smooth touch when it comes to cake!  I can't say enough good things about it!  Thanks Kristi!
 It was themed for Blue's Clues!  Because Chloe loves Blues Clues, and it was a fun theme.  Cora and I got together and even had a set of clues for the guests to solve.  Mostly it was for the kids, but the adults were awesome for playing along!
 And here is the birthday girl, herself!  Decked out in her Blue's paraphernalia!
 She was pleased to see the Blue Balloon that Cora found on line!

 I was semi-fortunate that my sister is proficient with a camera.  I was not able to use the camera the entire time, since, for some reason, I was expected to participate.  I say semi-fortunate because of pictures like this.

 But, she DID get some good shots!  Like this one.  I was feeding Chloe raspberries that one of her Great Grandmothers brought!  Chloe simply would do anything for a berry!  My fingers were in danger!
Speaking of Great Grandmothers, here they are now!
 And of course, my Wonderful Niece, Emma, who is often one of my favorite subjects!

 Chloe knew exactly what to do when she got this coat...she put it on straight away!
 One thing we saw a lot of was Chloe spending A LOT of time putting wrapping paper away...seriously, she is the neatest kid!  I wish she'd pick up her toys the way she did the wrapping paper!

Her last gift was from Cora and me.  We have noticed just how much she loves play kitchens, and when we found this one at Costco we simply could not pass it up!  Chloe played with the one in the store and loved it so much she cried when I put her back in the cart.  It was a bit of a surprise when she saw the box that she crawled up on top of it...I'm pretty sure she recognized it.  She seemed very happy!

 Learning to blow out candles!
 And learning about cake...we had a bath after we got home from the was not an option.
 After everyone left and we began cleaning up, Chloe began shedding clothing.  I got this shot of her discovering the balloons...she is one lucky kid to have so many admirers!  But then, we are one lucky family to have such an awesome daughter!  Right now, she is singing to herself...she slept straight through the night...but then again, so did Cora and I!  We had a long weekend, and it was more work than relaxing, but in the end it was completely worth it!  I have a beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter.  Life is good.
Oh, and I start my long term subbing assignment today...I'm looking forward to it!


Kayce said...

What a perfect party!! Love the blue tutu!

Anonymous said...

You sure had a great party for her,and looks like she had a time of her life, great pictures, so glad you share it with us. Always looking forward to your shots of her. She is a awesome little Girl.
Aunt Carol

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

So so adorable & spoiled. Chloe, not YOU!

Charissa said...

Wonder fun time. Good job you 2!