Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Day, Another ...Apple?

 We live in Washington State's apple country.  We also live in it's wine country.  Somehow, I prefer the latter.  Yet, my pictures involving wine tend to be more embarrassing, so I am posting apples instead.
 But this is a pair of pears...ignore the third one hiding in the back...he kind of takes away from the pair/pear joke.

 A view from a road leading from one of the schools I sub at.
Somehow, the housework fairies have been passing our house by.  I leave plates on the floor, but the only ones who show interest are the dogs, and they don't even put the dishes away when they're done.  I did dishes yesterday, but there seem to be more.  Amazing how many kid dishes there are, considering she really doesn't eat that much.  The washing machine is NOT automatic, either, which is really disheartening...lowers my opinion of LG.  After we pick the toys up off the floor in the evening, it seems the toy boxes up-chuck all over again by the next morning...Alas, I suppose that is the life of working parents.


Anonymous said...

You know that is the way it is at my house with Jesse living 50feet away from us. The House Fairy needs to make a stop at my place .
Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

PS. I love your pictures, you take really, really good shots.
Aunt Carol

Lorrene said...

This being apple land, you would think the little things would not be so expensive. Like buying gold nuggets.
Your pictures are great and makes my mouth water.