Friday, September 23, 2011

Taking a Break From Nikon

 Ok, not really.  Chloe donned a cute hat and her purse this evening and Cora grabbed my Precious to go do an impromptu photo shoot in the front yard.  I was left with either my phone of the old Canon Elph.  I chose the latter.  She still shoots, just not like the Cadillac my D-90 is.

You can see the vagaries of toddler modeling and photography here.  Cora was rushing around the yard trying to get the perfect shot.  I'm sure she got several, but it was good to see that Chloe was giving her mom a run for her money, too!  I have a devil of a time keeping the lens pointed at her, she's so fast and mercurial! I'm glad Cora got to experience Chloe Speed, which is slightly faster than CERN scientists have clocked neutrinos at!

 And Chloe is...well, stinking cute!
 Cora will probably post her pictures...and I imagine those pictures will be better since they came from Precious!  For now, though, here is what I got!

We're going to go see the balloons at Prosser tomorrow.  It will be Chloe's first time seeing hot air balloons!!

We also have small birthday party for her this weekend.  It should be a ton of fun...or at least 25 pounds!


Lorrene said...

That girl has class.

Tricia said...

love the hat... and the purse! heheheee =)