Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fifteenth Birthday Party...since I have trouble spelling the Spanish equivalent...

 A lady that works for Cora held a quincinieta...qincineta...kinsinyeta...fifteenth birthday party for her daughter.  We were invited.  So we packed up the baby and I grabbed the old lady...wait, that sounds like a Neil Diamond song.  Anyway, we went.  It was an all day affair, to which we attended only a small part, since Chloe was late for nap and she probably would not have appreciated sitting quietly for the church service.

We went to the part with food and dancing...both things Chloe appreciates to differing extents.  She loves other kids, particularly boys.  This young man was one of her favorites.  
 but, running full tilt into strangers and running around with these girls was also fun.
 And she managed to steal the boy's hat...I think we all thought it look better on her.
 There she goes again!
 The cake was bold and I wish we knew how it tasted, but Chloe gave out before the night was truly going.  Oh, well, we had fun and Chloe did too!


jade said...

Looks like a cool party, but honestly: Chloe is the most pretty little girl of them all! what a beautiful dress again! Go Chloe, go go go!

Lorrene said...

If there is any fun going on Chloe is not going to miss any of it. She fits right in with those big girls and boy too.Let us know when she meets her first stranger.
Love that dress too.

sweet momma luv u said...

I have heard those parties that they go all out! I wonder if we will do one for Princess since that is her heritage.

Your little one is so tiny and on the go!! I am so happy for you guys. It sure is different from just being a couple huh!! = )

SpunkyBookworm said...

Such a pretty girl! Quincenerra, I believe is how it's spelled. I know for a fact that there are no d's as I originally thought!

Charissa said...

I read about the cake being "bold" before I scrolled down and saw it and was wondering what that meant and how you could apply such verbage to a cake--- until I saw it... Bold is exactly and perfectly fitting.