Monday, September 26, 2011

Cold and Frigid Barn

 This is a local favorite of mine.  I am particularly fond of it during the winter or foggy weather.  It's background can be a bit...busy.  There was no retouching or editing on these two photos.  They are not recent, since it hasn't snowed around here since March.  This is the Piety Flats Barn.  Piety Flats is the name of a winery that I love.

I look forward to Mondays because I like to post some of the barns I've shot.  I should have shot more.  While I have a small number of reserve barns, I don't have nearly enough, so I need to get out there and shoot some more!  Please just skip on over to Tricia's Bluff Area Daily, she has a collection of great people who come together every Monday and post their barn photos!  See them here!
And because there is no color in the first two, I offer this one.  It seems to be an old hop kiln, though locals pronounce it kill.  And it looks like a barn, so I'm throwing it in!
I did my first day as a long term teacher today.  I think it will be good, and the first time in a long time where I actually do lessons more complicated than handing out coloring sheets...not that I'm complaining about how most teachers handle their subs, I really don't mind dead heading through the day.  I get more reading done that way.  As a long term substitute teacher I do more work; I grade papers and in general be more of a teacher.  It's a nice change.

I drove to work behind every slow driver that ever was.  Most were doing from 10 to 20 under the limit, which nearly killed me.  I nearly lost consciousness while pulling into the parking lot.

I went to school and went through the day.  At the end of the day I jumped in the truck and saw that the gas gauge was showing on that big E and also a little light was on.  So I pulled into the local gas station and a lady in a car at the pump motioned me to stop.  She came up and said she had 9 dollars on the pump that the station would not give her back.  I started to get concerned, but then she said she'd used a chip from the casino to pay for it, and they would not give change on that.  So, I pulled in and took her 9 dollars worth of fuel!  Of course, 15 years ago, I could have almost filled up with that 9 dollars, now it only gave me a couple gallons or so, but I'm not going to open a gift horse's mouth and check his teeth.*  It was enough to put a smile on my face.  

We took Chloe to gymnastics and she did excellent!  Not as much chasing her around!

All-in-all, it's been a great day!

*because the jerk would probably bite, stupid horse.


Beth said...

I need to get out and get some photos of barns because I'm out of reserves.
Brrrr! You've caught the 'cold' setting so well--it's a beautiful shot-a bit melancholy, but in a cool way.
Ahhh, I remember the long subbing jobs---challenging, but much more fun than day to day shuffling around. Good luck on this assignment and on getting ahead of those slow drivers! :>) I have to leave at a certain time or I get behind several coal trucks on a two lane road--Yikes!

Beth said...

Oh, I loved the second shot too! I like the length of it---it definitely has personality.

Mari said...

Brrr - I;m cold after looking at that barn! It's a great little barn though, and it looks good in the snow. That "kill" is a neat looking building too. I love how long it is!

Tanya said...

the winter barn is so lonely looking...well done!

Lesley said...

while the third one looks pretty neat with that effect, I love the lonely wintry look of the first two. (that does not mean I am looking forward to winter)

Jan n Jer said...

The first two shots look so cold and lost in the wintery weather! Your next shot really pops with that colorful edit.

Rose said...

Haha...a fun post to read. But to the barns...I so love them and love the kiln, too...would never have known it wasn't a regular barn if you had not told us.

Judy said...

I love seeing barns when the snow is flying...This one is a wonderful barn charm.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Jim, I LOVE THAT 1st BARN, esp that 2nd shot... Love how you shot it so low to the ground! Get a load of that cupola, too WoW!
It kind of looks like an old schoolhouse, except much bigger than the old one room beauties.

The 2nd one is art... Definitely has that WoW factor, too! I love the open roof line, really adds to the look

Have a great week & thanks so much for joining in & linking up to Barn Charm... here's to another year! =)

Kim, USA said...

Winter may not have colors but it also have it's own distinctive beauty like your photos. These photos are awesome!

Barn Charm

EG Wow said...

Oh my goodness...snow! A reminder of what's to come!

Small City Scenes said...

What????? It snows in Washington---Nah!!

Love the shot. MB

Elaine said...

All three shots are great!