Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Girl

 Yesterday was Chloe's second birthday.  We had her party on Sunday, but the three of us went out for Chinese food together last night.  She loves soup and noodles, so we were especially careful to order those.  What do you think she really liked?  That's right.  The saltine crackers.
 She loves her new Abby Cadabby doll (a member of Sesame Street neither of us knew of until Chloe started watching it).  She took it to daycare and brought it home with her.  She giggles when the doll talks to her.  It's pretty cute.

This next photo might just be the best I've captured in a very long time!  She was trying to put on a pair of pants over her pajamas, and when I tried to get her to smile, after trying to get her to put the pants down, this is what I got!
 You can tell she's a lot like me, the sink of her little kitchen is full of dirty dishes and her counter is a mess...she learns all the things I didn't want to teach her!

Finally, the little angel went to sleep.  Daddy couldn't resist a crib shot and this is what I got!  Cora wondered if she just fell in that position.  She seemed perfectly comfortable when I took the shot.
I have to say, I never fully believed we would actually become parents at times.  I hoped, and we worked toward it, we worked hard, but I still could not envision the actual thing.  Now, I cannot envision NOT being a parent to this wonderful, exciting, smart, and funny little person.  She has grown from baby, when we first got her, to a little person with SOOO much personality and SOOO much determination to do things her way or figure out how, that, well, it just seems she is a whole different person than the little girl we brought home.  I fall in love with this little girl more everyday and I cannot imagine having anyone different!  She is our daughter, and for that, I am glad.  Happy Birthday little girl!  I love you!


Bonnie said...

What a beautiful, lucky, little girl!

Anonymous said...

Yes, she has change so much since you got her she is growing to fast now ,how cute she is,the look she is giving you in that next to last picture is so her.
Aunt Carol

Grandma L said...

I keep seeing the little Asian girl waving the American flag. I think she is proud to be an American !!

Tricia said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Chloe, & God bless you all... this brought tears to my eyes =)

Anonymous said...

How could she not change with Cora and you as parents? How could she not enjoy life and the country she lives in when Daddy and Mommy are trying hard to show her how? What else are you going to be able to teach her? Remember she is watching you. Don't forget as she get older to take time out with her. She can't help to fall in love with the two of you.