Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last Black and White Wednesday, but I'll still use B&W!

Lisa at the Long Road to China is closing down the black and white Wednesday linking thing...sad, but I understand her motives.  Still, there is the last one to see.  And this is it.  Grandpa did not begrudge the Granddaughter the chance to use his lap as a place to nap.  I know how he felt, since she did much the same thing this morning to me.  She even, once, startled herself awake and called out "Dadda?"  I reassured her I was right here and she settled back down.  I didn't mind getting up in the middle of the night for cuddles and rocking, either.  Sometimes you just need a bit of comfort to go back to sleep.

If you're here from B&W Wednesday, don't hesitate to stop back by, I post regularly.  And always with pictures.

the long road

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jade said...

It's a very pretty picture, so worthy of a post all by itself!