Friday, April 1, 2011

It's a Sunny Day

 I've been threatening to take Chloe to the Air Museum, and by golly I did!  We also took Mommy a coffee and a breakfast sandwich...because we love her.

We did a little shopping and then came home.  Chloe doesn't quite know how to handle grass, so I gave her a chance to get to know grass.  She sat down and waited to be picked up...
 she avoided touching the stuff, too.
 "Uh, Dad, you ARE going to pick me up, right??"
 She wasn't quite ready for nap, so we went to the park to experience more grass.  I got down on my belly to take pictures of the adorable girl, but she chose to climb on top of Dad.  She thought that was lots of fun.  So, I flipped the camera around and got her that way, instead!
 Here she is walking.  She's still got more to learn, but she's making progress!
 "Here Dad, want a piece of grass??"
The weather is so nice I have had the windows open since we got home.  We were both loving the heat and sun light!  Chloe finally went down for a nap, but only after some protest.

I know the weather is supposed to change and we are to have nasty spring weather this weekend, but I am enjoying it while I can.

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jade said...

beautiful pictures - as always - especially love the one in the park where she climbed onto your back!