Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking Not Your Best

Some things are not as sharp or as new as they might once have been.  Some things are not as clean or as prettied-up as they could be.  That does not mean they are NOT still appealing to the eye.

I've been wanting to photograph places at this "whistle-stop" in the valley for several months.  Today I did a drive-by shoot.  While not the prettiest community in our valley, there is just something about it that makes me want to bring the camera out.
 Chloe does not always look like she JUST got out of the bath.  She remains cuter than a bugs ear, no matter how not clean she might be!  This is Chloe just after dinner and after her piggies were taken out.  I love it!
 And, this is Chloe after she got up from nap at daycare.  I took her home after waking her up...ok, I shook the crib and then turned away as though it had been some random earthquake that had shaken her awake.  I think she bought it, because when I turned back, she gave me that wonderful light-up-the-room smile of hers. I couldn't help but sweep her up in my arms!

So, this is what she looks like just after nap...beautiful, huh?

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Charissa said...

Some of the prettiest eyes.