Monday, April 11, 2011

Photographic Phlatulence

Pardon all of my photos...I know, it's painful, look away.  Like Toby, here.

I taught at an "alternative" school today.  It was interesting.  Apparently the class numbers are down, and that seemed obvious as I had a few classes with all of three students in them.  It wasn't hard.  I like those kinds of days!

When I came home I took some pictures along the way.  One picture in particular made me happy.  I tried it a few different ways and I liked them all.  This is how the camera gave it to me.
 I thought it looked a little nineteenth century, so I tried this.
 Then, I thought, why not dull down the color?
 Finally, I said, "what the hell, let's amplify them!"
 And then I have a thing for clouds.
 I got Chloe and brought her home.

Cora and I decided to do some pre-season training for the little girl.  We got some plastic eggs and we have been showing her how to get the eggs and put them in the basket.  She's getting the hang of it.  I tried it a little this afternoon.

I cannot believe how fast she is learning.  This evening her she said the word, "YELLOW."  That comes from her Table, which my aunt and uncle got for her, sings colors for each piano key that is pressed (there's only four keys) and she likes to press yellow.  She said "Yellow" plain as day!

She also said, "bye, bye." and she says "all done," or sometimes, "done."  She says, "Up." and any number of other words we are not quite hearing.  She is an amazing, fantastic, terrific, climbing monster.  I love her!

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Lorrene said...

That is a beautiful blanket and I'm sure Cora made it. Chloe may be a climber, but I think it says a lot for her character. If she see's something she wants she goes after it. She will reach her goals.
I like the amplified version of the scenery photo.