Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a Sunny Day Again.

 We took Chloe to a new park.  This park has ducks.
 Who are ready and willing to welcome newcomers.
Assuming you have bread and aren't going to eat it all yourself.
 It also has swings.
 But Chloe wasn't quite sure how to handles those at first.
 finally it began to seem ok...
 Then we put a hat on her and took pictures...
 That was OK too.
 She got into it...a bit.
 but so did Mom and...

 ...and Dad...
She liked feeding the ducks and geese.
Mom helped.
 When we got home there were birds in the tree, too.
 It was a beautiful day.  I hope the rest of spring is that way!

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Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures,whats with the table out in the water,have you had some high water there. Chloe is has cute as always. Glad Core is feeling better.
Aunt Carol