Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another Day

We took Chloe to the Dr. this morning.  She has a teary eye and we were looking into that.  Cora did not go to work until afterwards.  Just before Cora headed to work, though, she managed to pull her hurt me looking at her after she did it.  I gave her a bottle of Advil and sent her off to work.  She's stubborn and insisted on going to work.  She DID manage to get off early and she saw the Chiropractor.  I served her a special Pepsi and hope that will lead to less's still early, though.   

Chloe stayed with me.  I fed her and then played with her on the carpet for an hour until she started being a pill, which is a sure sign that it's time for nap.  She gave me three minutes of crying before falling silent and sleeping for 2 1/2 hours.

When she got up, she was in a great mood.  I had washed and dried her first lovie, giving her two to play with.  However, she likes to throw them over the fence and then wonders why she doesn't have them.  So, I played the game and teased her with them upon returning them to her.  She thought that was hilarious!

 Yet, she returned the lovies to the other side shortly thereafter...
 Later, before bedtime, I let her where my looks huge on her, but she didn't mind, she went straight to the mirror.
 "Really, Dad? Isn't this a little big?"
 And, finally, here is a shot of the new power line to the house next door.  I liked the lines and the color, well, it looks ok, too.
I can't believe Spring Break is almost over.  I need to wish my sister and my brother-in-law a happy anniversary.

I'd really like to divulge her brilliant plan for a getaway with the family on a train ride, but, I fear I could not keep a straight face.  Let's just say things did not go as planned, and while it may have been an excruciating day for her, it was at least entertaining to her brother as she texted him the details.  I love you Sis and I hope you all get some rest!!  Happy anniversary!!

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Lorrene said...

I was sooooo impressed with your power lines. Now tell me what the doc said about Chloe's teary eye. I have noticed that too and thought you had been beating on her.
Excuse my sarcasm. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. LOL