Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 Heading to work today, I saw that the farmers had activated their smudge pots.  I have heard stories of how they used to lite old tires and whatever else they could find on fire to keep the fruit buds from freezing.  These folks remember how the soot used to coat everything and made your snot black.
The wind machines were going and so were sprinklers.  It was cold this morning and that proved it.

I had a second day in the alternative school.  It was pretty good, even though I told two students to leave because they were talking and one was pretty rude.

At the end of the day both Cora and I went in for a teeth cleaning.  Yea us.  We also got dinner and Chloe, who now says "Papa."  she also started singing part of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  That little girl is FULL of surprises.  She is really making up for lost time!

Tonight she was Daddy's girl.  Every time I turned around she was coming to me with arms raised saying, "u-pah, UP, Uh-p."  It was hard to avoid picking her up.

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