Monday, April 25, 2011

Cutest Daughter Ever

 I can't tell you how wonderful my child is.  She is 100 gallons of awesome.  She is 3 tons of cool.  She is a megaton of cute.  I cannot begin to equate the feelings I feel when I look at her to something measurable, because...well, anything measurable is not big enough.  She is all.

I had a horrible bunch of first graders.  I've had them several times.  Each time is just as immeasurably horrid. Still I go back.  Why?  Because they (the teachers) massage my ego by telling me I am the sub that this class responds to best.  So, did I send a kid to the office several times?  Yes.  Did he disrupt class on various occasions?  Yes.  Did he get sent home because the ladies in the office couldn't deal with him either?  Hell yes.  He is a child with special...ahhh...needs.  He needs handcuffs.  Perhaps some parental guidance.  Either way, he and his compatriots (WHO PUTS THAT MANY problem children in the same class???? I mean, what the hell!?  Are they going to pay for that teacher's psychologist?  That's JUST MEAN!!)  So, I got home to this angel...and I was more than thankful.

She was pretty first.  Then, after Mom got home, she began a downward spiral. She was tired and so are we.  She had a VERY LONG weekend.  She finally succumbed to sleep.  But first she demonstrated new climbing abilities.  She can now climb into my chair...where she made herself at home with a blanket and began to read a book...I gave her a few more books and she was happy for awhile longer.
To say she is awesome is to understate by 1,000,000 times, but she does have her difficulties.  Still, I wouldn't trade her for a million dollars.  She's beautiful.  She is especially so since she started looking specifically for ME to make her happy!!  Does that make Mommy's efforts and work less important?  NOPE!  Does that make me love her just a bit more???   Maybe.  She still freaking awesome!


Lorrene said...

I think you've stolen her heart. She even wants to act like you in your chair with a book and blanket. That girl needs a Kindle.

Charissa said...

Funny Lorrene! Glad you're lovin being a papa, dada or whatever she will call you.

Anonymous said...

The two specially colored eggs are in our refrig. I wonder how long they are good for. When I die and if you should come upon them still being kept. PLEASE Bury them for me. lol mom